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At The Heart of Distribution
is Connection

Our industry operates in a world of interdependence. DYME connects each corner of the ecosystem, via distribution, logistics, and co-packing services. Here's how we can help your business:


DYME offers a wide range of brands and products to stock your shelves. We'll also source and package bulk product for you, and help your existing suppliers continue providing you with products via a compliant distribution path.


DYME will process your bulk harvests into retail-ready units, and offers compliant transport services to manufacturers or retailers anywhere in the state. As a distributor, we also fulfill all mandated track & trace and tax collection requirements.


Our systems ensure all DYME clients meet and exceed state compliance standards. DYME engages directly with regulators to guarantee fully compliant pathways for our customers.


DYME offers upstream services to source or transport input material for your products. We offer distribution services for brands that already have a rockstar sales team, or you can leverage our sales network to place your products on more shelves.

DYME Combines the Benefits of Technology With a Human Touch

By investing heavily in technology, DYME operates reliably and efficiently at scale. We believe that technology can empower, but should never replace, human interaction and relationships.

Evolving Services
for an Evolving Industry

Here's a more in-depth look at each of the services we offer:


Transport raw material or finished product anywhere in California.


Quarantine product and coordinate with testing labs for the regulatory potency and safety testing process.


Automated and robotic technology packages bulk product into compliant retail-ready units.


Leverage a secure network to collect and transport payments.


Collect and remit taxes automatically to the Board of Equalization.


Sell your product and leverage DYME distribution, or have our sales team expand your marketshare.

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